Promoting Ecuadorian Hat-making since 1982….

From Day 1 we’ve been motivated to market incredible hand-made Ecuadorian Panama hats in the United States and beyond, as we believe that by doing so we help assure that Ecuadorian hat-making will stay alive.   While we’ve certainly never been the only company buying Panamas in Ecuador, we’ve bought our share!  It’s hard to calculate precisely, but I’d say we’ve sold close to half a million Panamas over the years.  Seeing that each one takes nearly a week to make, that’s a lot of weaving that ultimately ended up on the head of a PANTROPIC end consumer.  So that’s something to be proud of!

Appreciating the very unique art of Panama hat making, we have always been determined to protect this amazing art-form by marketing them to an ever growing number of outdoor enthusiasts.  And that’s what we’ve been doing now for 30 years.  Now that’s something.

Today we market our product in the United States as well as more than a dozen other countries around the world, which is all rather exciting!  We plan to include news about our domestic and international retailers in this blog, and to publish images of the end-consumers who wear our wonderful hats at amazing spots all over the globe.