Arianna Elster Enjoying Salmon Creek, Bodega Bay, CA


When you live in Sebastopol California its easy not to resist a trip down to the beach on a sunny clear Sunday morning. That’s exactly what Pantropic enthusiast Ariana Elster does with her golden doodle Oliver as much as she possibly can. And you’ll always see Arianna in one Pantropic sunhat or another, all year round!  In this image she is sporting the Brandy Fedora, which offers fierce sun protection and a leather chinstrap and tagua nut, ideal for windy beach mornings.


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Fall 2013 Collection Announcement


Pantropic is pleased to announce our Fall 2013 Collection of handknit alpaca hats, scarves, gloves and warmers. Made from the softest alpaca wool, these accessories are perfectly crafted in the Highlands of Bolivia. Purchasing these handknit wearables improves the quality of life of our South American neighbors.

Artesania Sorata was established in 1978. The quality and versatility of their products reflect their history. Pantropic will be offering this high quality alpaca knitwear, handspun from alpaca wool this Fall. The styles are soft and natural, and a great addition to our existing wool products.

Our vendor, Artesania Sorata, provides work for families with low incomes in both rural and urban Bolivia. The income generated enables the artisans to provide a higher standard of living for their families. The nutritional and educational opportunities for their children are improved and the beautiful work, world renowned, is a great source of artistic pride.

Over the years Artesania Sorata has supported adult literacy and health programs, creativity workshops in children´s homes and also offered a children´s hearing program. Pantropic is thrilled to have the chance to promote this wearable art, and encourage our customers worldwide to request information. Supply will be limited, so get your orders in soon!

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Marin County in a Montecristi Panama…

In these photos shot in late June, Lawrence Lori sports a Pantropic Montecristi fedora. Lawrence joined a group
of well known San Francisco musicians at a private Marin County party. The jam was terrific and kept going deep into the night. San Anselmo is located in Marin County California and is best known for it’s gentle climate, unique antiques shops, contemporary boutiques, galleries, and rare booksellers that populate the historical town center. The restaurants in the area include some of the most re-known contemporary California cuisine eating establishments to be found. When strolling through town you’re bound to come across a tasting room pouring the latest release of a local award-winning wine. The Wolfson-Miller party where Lawrence and his friends jammed together was attended by quite a few Pantropic hat aficionados.

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Around the World

“The Dellars” enjoying their Panama hats in their Sonoma County
California studio, located in the Sonoma Valley country-side where
grape vines outnumber houses and sunshine abounds.

The area is know for its very rich soil and for being the birthplace of
California’s wine industry. Just 45 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge,
this wine region is blanketed with small and large vineyards alike that
are cradled between the Mayacamas and Sonoma Mountain ranges.
Some of the best wines in the world come from this region.

Those who live in the quaint town of Sonoma enjoy the outdoors with
great enthusiasm. The Dellars love their Panamas because they are
the perfect wine country hat. Light as a feather and classically-styled,
their Pantropic favorites shield them from the fiercely hot
Sonoma Valley sun.

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PANTROPIC: What We Sell…

For the past thirty years PANTROPIC has been selling the very finest Panama hats, and demand has grown each year.  But just a few years into our business we knew it was time to diversify our product line.  Each year or two we’d add a new product line as the needs of the consumers changed, while always focusing on comfortable hats that protect you from the elements. PANTROPIC today offers consumers a terrific and extensive line of hats to wear outdoors, including Panama hats, raffia, ribbon and toyo hats for Spring and Summer.

For Fall and Winter we have fleece hats and wool felt hats.  Our exquisite LiteFelt® hats are now an essential focus of our winter collection.  LiteFelt® is a registered trademark of the Bollman Hat Company, who manufactures this wonderful US made product for the PANTROPIC brand, as well as for a select number of other recognized and established global brands.   LiteFelt® hats are great because they are water repellent, stain resistant and shape retentive, and so comfortable!  Nothing like them!  Meticulously made in America from 100% wool, the Bollman Hat Company has been making wool hats for 144 years.  Now that’s a long time!

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Promoting Ecuadorian Hat-making since 1982….

From Day 1 we’ve been motivated to market incredible hand-made Ecuadorian Panama hats in the United States and beyond, as we believe that by doing so we help assure that Ecuadorian hat-making will stay alive.   While we’ve certainly never been the only company buying Panamas in Ecuador, we’ve bought our share!  It’s hard to calculate precisely, but I’d say we’ve sold close to half a million Panamas over the years.  Seeing that each one takes nearly a week to make, that’s a lot of weaving that ultimately ended up on the head of a PANTROPIC end consumer.  So that’s something to be proud of!

Appreciating the very unique art of Panama hat making, we have always been determined to protect this amazing art-form by marketing them to an ever growing number of outdoor enthusiasts.  And that’s what we’ve been doing now for 30 years.  Now that’s something.

Today we market our product in the United States as well as more than a dozen other countries around the world, which is all rather exciting!  We plan to include news about our domestic and international retailers in this blog, and to publish images of the end-consumers who wear our wonderful hats at amazing spots all over the globe.

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Coming Soon!

Here are Just a Few of the Themes planned for PANTROPIC’s Upcoming Blogs:

  • An overview of Ecuador where our Panama hats are made
  • Panama hat weavers and their stories
  • Highlights of global manufacturing facilities that we buy from
  • Special updates from our retailers
  • News from the hat-making world
  • History of the Panama hat industry over time
  • Manufacturing in America and how we can support it
  • Reports on the efforts being made in teach Americans to buy American
  • Inspiring tales from PANTROPIC hat-wearers
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Happy New Year!

It is a great honor to write this first PANTROPIC blog on New Year’s Day 2012.  “New Years” is for new beginnings, and this blog is just that.  As one of the original founders of PANTROPIC, I’m very proud to report that this New Years 2012 ushers in PANTROPIC’s 4th decade of hat-making.  This Spring Collection, which is the best we’ve ever offered, is our 30th Spring/Summer line.  It’s unbelievable to me that we’ve been producing these amazing accessories for 30 years now.  If on New Year’s Day 1982 you would have told me that we’d still be creating wonderful products in 2012, 30 years later, I’m certain I would not have believed you!

One day I’ll blog a detailed overview of how PANTROPIC “the business” got started, to inspire young artists and world travelers to fulfill their dreams.  But for now, suffice it to say that one thing led to another, and we sold our first packable Panama hat thirty years ago.  We discovered right away that outdoor enthusiasts, a new and growing consumer base, was eager to find packable, breathable and natural hats, providing great sun protection. These folks needed products to wear outdoors, and there we were to meet that need!  And here we are still, selling many thousands of hats each year, while maintaining the very best craftsmanship and attention to detail, which can be seen in every item we sell.

Thirty years ago PANTROPIC (and the world) was a far cry from what it is today. PANTROPIC had just started as a company.  Germany was still divided into East and West, and the Soviet Union was still in-tact.  US manufacturing was very strong and imports from China had not yet saturated the US marketplace.  Technology as we know it today had not yet come knocking at our door, and there were no emails or even fax machines to make business dealings easy and more efficient.  Probably most noteworthy about that period in time is that so many Americans were focused on living the American dream.  For many it was perceived as a great time of prosperity.  The Vietnam War had come to an end, and the country had begun to heal.  People everywhere were getting outside more, hiking and back-packing and learning to love the great outdoors.  It was the perfect time to market a new and innovative product to outdoor enthusiasts, and for PANTROPIC, a new business in 1982, the sky was the limit.  That time was filled with great excitement and hopes for the future.

Thirty years have now passed. While the road has not always been smooth (and sometimes even pretty bumpy), the feeling of excitement and hopes for the future still burns strong, and we are delighted to begin another decade of high-quality hat-making and personal service to retailers world-wide.

This New Year’s Day blog will soon go live on our new updated PANTROPIC website. Making regular blog entries, as well as publishing photos of folks who use our product around the globe, is going to be such fun!  As we say on our home page, PANTROPIC’s hats are only as wonderful as those who wear them, so we are delighted that PANTROPIC still offers the very best in headwear and accessories, 30 years later.  So from Sebastopol California to PANTROPIC enthusiasts everywhere, we wish you a Happy New Year!

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